Wednesday, August 25, 2010

PowerMat “One Plug, One Mat, Many Devices” Review



PowerMat is one of the greatest inventions ever for us Techy-Moms (and Dads too, lol) – I can’t imagine NOT having one in my home, seriously. You won’t believe the number of visitors who have asked “What’s that?” Simply put, it’s your one-stop wireless charging station for cell phones, iPods, and other gadgets too! These clutter cutting devices are perfect for your home, the office, and even dorm room if you have a child attending college.

Home & Office PowerMatI was lucky enough to get the chance to review two different versions of these awesome wireless charging stations, the Home & Office mat and the Portable mat. I love the fact that all it takes is one outlet to charge up to 3 devices wirelessly and 1 by USB. That means less outlets being used and no tangled-up cord mess either. I love everything about the Home & Office Mat… with its modern & unique design it fit in perfectly right on my computer desk. I also noticed while charging my cell phone, it charges much more quickly on the mat then with its own wall charger.

PowerMat Universal ConnectorThe Home & Office mat even came with a Universal PowerCube, Tip Storage Case and 8 different interchangeable tips to fit a variety of devices! Having so many attachments on hand made it much easier for visitors who needed a charge to just charge up on the mat instead of pulling out a bunch of cords and searching for an outlet. And think about guests who are just visiting for a pit-stop and forgot their own charger – their more then likely to find an attachment that fits their phone or device out of the ones included and the day would be saved, lol…

Portable PowerMatNow the Portable mat has all the great qualities of the Home & Office mat – but its portable! It comes with a small protective travel case that secures the mat with a magnetic lock. The mat itself folds up easily into three pieces to fit into this case along with the power cord. Just take a look at my pictures to see how compact the Portable mat is. The case is so small that it can even fit into my purse or diaper bag – I LOVE that! Just as with the Home & Office mat, the Portable mat can charge up to three devices on the surface and 1 USB device in the back. PowerMats are perfect for home and on the go!



PowerMat  usb

PowerMat was even featured on both Good Morning America and Fox News, view the clips here: This is the absolutely perfect gadget to rid your home from heaps of cords. Just add this useful gadget to your home or give it as a gift, stop by and view the full line of products available. Don’t miss out on FREE GROUND SHIPPING for all orders over $50!

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  1. I have heard great reviews about this awesome gadget, I have been wanting it. It is in my bday wishlist which is next week! I would love it!!!!!!!!!!!


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