Thursday, August 26, 2010

Crayola Goes Green! Helping the Environment 1 Color At A Time

 As a mother I'm always looking for the best earth-friendly products for my children. I was so excited to hear about Crayola making greener efforts to help our environment. Every year our children go through packs and packs of crayons, color pencils, and other art utensils. With Crayola's new 15-acre Solar Energy farm over 1 billion crayons will be produced each year. Using natural sunlight that is converted into energy does a major part in reducing waste and improving our environment for our kids future too! Watch this short video that explains the benefits of this awesome solar energy farm...

Through MyBlogSpark I received  the Crayola's "Green Back-to-School Essentials" pack to review. This pack included Crayola's Non-Toxic Colored Pencils, Markers and Crayons. Each box has a new green icon in front that can easily be spotted. What I can say that I like best about greener coloring products is that they are of the same great quality as before and sold at the same affordable price too! Something you may notice about Crayolas new green products is that the barrels of Markers are no longer white -- they're black! This minor change enables Crayola to use recycled plastic for these markers. The colors are just as bright and there's honestly no difference in the quality. The only difference is knowing that these products are being created in a greener way to help our environment. I for one love purchasing a product that I know helps a great cause. Crayola has really set a standard for big changes and I hope other companies we love follow in their foot-steps to go greener.
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