Monday, August 2, 2010

Bling Strands "The Ultimate Hairstyle Accessory" Review

I must confess -- I'm a bling addict! I've been addicted to blingy things ever since I was a child, all through my teenage years and now I'm a 20-something-Mommy-of-two STILL facing this addiction, lol. It all started with glittery Lisa Frank stickers to glitter nail polish, then shimmery body lotion and now Bling Strands!

What are Bling Strands?

"It's a safe and temporary hairstyle accessory. Bling Strands are tied in, so you can change them out when the mood suits. No messy tools, glue or chemicals. You care for them just like you would your own hair. YES, you can Wash, Blow Dry, Curl and Flat Iron up to 400 degrees."

I was delighted to get the opportunity to review Bling Strands and eager to get my hands on them too. As soon as they arrived, just like a kid in the candy store, I went straight for the packaging! I received a 25-count pack of Sizzling Purple Bling Strands. During my first attempt at putting in a Bling Strand -- I failed miserably, but luckily there is an awesome "How-To" video on Bling Strands website. I watched the video one time and within 10 minutes my first 4 strands were already in. Not bad for a first-timer. I then decided to add a few to my 6-year-olds hair also. She was literally going nuts with excitement! After that, we both left them in overnight and I was amazed that they even stayed in place through all the tossing and turning I do. (Yes I'm a WILD sleeper, lol). Not one Bling Strand fell out, slid down, or loosened one bit.

By the third day I had to test my luck with a curling iron and straightener. I can say I'm happy with the results, see for yourself...
Bling Strands curled just like my hair did and straightened just as my hair did too. I love the sparkle it adds to my hair in any style I do. These will definitely be a new necessity when it comes to hair accessories for me (and my little one too, lol). It's the perfect way to add a little or a lot of sparkle and color to your hair without the chemicals of hair dye.

Stop by to view all 15 sizzling iridescent colors available! Bling Strands are lead-free, non-toxic, and non-flammable. They are available in packs of 25, 50, and 100 for under $15.

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