Thursday, August 12, 2010

10 Tips To Save Money During The Back-To-School Season

It seems like the summer has been chopped in half, but in reality the school year is starting much sooner. I can't believe my Princess will be starting First grade in just four days! You know what that means for every mother of a school-aged child... Back-To-School Shopping! Some of us love it, some hate it but I'm sure we all want to save more money during this season. So I'd like to share with you my 10 tips to save money during the back-to-school season:
  1. Weekly Sale Ads - Check your local chain store's sale ads to see what deals they may have. I was surprised to find in my Walgreen's ad boxes of color crayons for only $0.19 and binders for $0.99!
  2. STOCK UP - Yes, don't be afraid to stock up. You might not think you'll need 5-10 boxes of crayons but at such low prices it's good to grab a few. Your supply just may stretch over to the next school year saving you even more money.
  3. Clearance Shelves - I always check the clearance shelves for discounted items every visit. If an item sticks around for over a week you can sometimes find it marked down for an even deeper discount. I've found folders for $0.49 and various pens and pencils too!
  4. Use Coupon Clippers - Did you find a coupon that gave you an awesome deal on a school supply purchase? Maybe a Buy-1-Get-1-Free or something similar? Instead of having to buy a dozen copies of the Sunday paper, which can get expensive... visit an online Coupon Clipper and find the exact coupon you need to stock up on school supplies.
  5. Share Your Finds - I always share my finds & deal with other Moms I know in my neighborhood. We're all looking for a good deal and to save money so why not give another the heads up? I've even had friends call me up while their shopping to tell me about a great deal! I love it because I can just ask her to grab one for me & re-pay her when I see her. (It's a good way to save gas too!)
  6. Dollar & Discount Stores - They are a great place to find everything you may need for just a buck each. It's best to write up a list of all the supplies needed and find them all at once. Just think $20 would probably cover all the supplies needed.
  7. Thrift Stores - Don't be afraid to stop by a thrift store to find backpacks in good condition and even lunch pails or totes. Many kids buy a new one each year even when the previous is still in good condition, so be sure to check out your local thrift shop.
  8. Buy the Basics - Sometimes we tend to over-buy... so you can even try just buying the basics for now. A backpack, pencils, paper, and binder. Most teachers send home a list of the exact school supplies your child will need during the first week.
  9. Wait it out! - A lot of back-to-school supplies go on sale after the first couple weeks of school. So if you stick to the basics and pick up all the extra's needed during the price mark-downs you'll surely save a lot of money.
  10. Give old supplies a makeover! - Yes, that backpack from last year, the binder that is still in good condition... let your child add their own designs, patches, and artwork to their previous years backpack or binder. It'll give it their own touch and fresh look for the new school year!
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