Thursday, August 26, 2010

5-Easy Tricks To Keep Your Kids Smile Healthy!

Did you know that teeth decay is a big problem with when it comes to childrens teeth these days? It's so important for us as mothers to encourage a healthy smile. Bad teeth, cavities and decay can really hurt a childs self-esteem... So here are five simple things you can do for your child to help keep their smiles healthy and bright!
  1. Multiple Toothbrushes: I try to buy fun and unique toothbrushes for my daughter -- it makes brushing actually fun! One plays music, another is electric, and another is a fun bright multi-colored toothbrush. It's fun for her to be able to select which to use each time she brushes.
  2. Bubble Gum Tooth Paste: This classic toothpaste flavor for kids is perfect for encouraging more brushing. No more hot minty flavors... just yummy smelling bubble gum toothpaste.
  3. Checklist Chart: Create a chart where your child can check off each time of the day they brushed their teeth. Full chart = rewards!
  4. Partner Up: Instead of your child thinking this is a lonesome, boring duty... brush your teeth with them! Children observe and mimic what you do so when your child sees you brushing they'll do the same for just as long too. Try it. =D
  5. Sticker Rewards: If your child enjoys stickers -- a great way to encourage a healthy smile is to buy a sticker book for your child to add stickers to each time they are rewarded for brushing. Just wait and see how quickly your child wants to brush more often on their own too!
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