Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Gift Guide: Top Four Amethyst Rings UNDER $100

With February in full swing I'm preparing to celebrate two very important birthdays, my daughter and my moms! They are both just days apart from each other and their personalities and night and day. This year I've been looking for something that my mother can wear now and then,just to remind herself that not just on her actual birthday, but everyday she is appreciated.

In my search of jewelry I came across a selection of beautiful Amethyst rings. I chose Amethyst because it's the birthstone for February birthdays. I was excited to see that real Amethyst rings don't have to be costly! :) I narrowed my options down to four beautiful rings that are super affordable.

Nev's Genuine Amethyst Cushion Cut Right Hand Ring - Gold - $36.00
Nev's Genuine Amethyst Cushion Cut Right Hand Ring - Gold is a stunning sight to be seen. Gold polished, brass based metal design features a genuine amethyst cushion cut center stone that measures 4 carats. This ring is composed of amethyst.

Nori's Genuine Amethyst Three Stone Cocktail Ring - Gold - $60.00
Nori's Genuine Amethyst Three Stone Cocktail Ring - Gold features a unique and desirable design. Gold polished, brass based metal design features a genuine amethyst center stone, and two oval cut stones. This ring is composed of genuine amethyst.

Sterling Silver February Birthstone Ring - Amethyst CZ - $79.99
Celebrate life with a Sterling Silver Birthstone Ring! Birthstone rings are the perfect way to gift someone something special on their birthday. This February Amethyst CZ ring features a 2 carat round cut stone that is surrounded by petite size clear stones giving off the angelic halo effect. Smaller size CZs extend partially down each side of the band for even more radiance. Sparkle in style during your birth month or all year long?This ring is perfect to wear anytime!

Zada's Rustic Amethyst CZ Ring - $95.00
Zada's Rustic Amethyst CZ Ring gives you a unique and distinct look. The brilliant 1.5 carat amethyst CZ is shaped in a square princess cut. Along with the gorgeous CZ in the center of the ring, what makes this ring truly unique is the setting. The band has chiseled texture, and is inlaid with smaller round cut stones for a stunning finish. Give your wardrobe a hint of antique style with Zada's Rustic Amethyst CZ Ring!

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Valentine's Gift: 40% OFF Stylish Aprons + FREE SHIPPING #FlashSALE #DealALERT

Talk about PERFECT timing for this flash sale! Valentine's Day is just around the corner and Flirty Aprons has aprons for the whole family. From now till Wednesday only, you can save 40% OFF plus get free shipping on any Flirty Apron.

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Check out some of my favorite aprons...

Women's Apron KayDee Queen of Everything

Women's Apron Marilyn Venetian Rose

Women's Apron Midnight Bloom

For more styles go to Flirty Aprons, just click the link below. Don't forget the 40% OFF discount code.

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Monday, February 3, 2014

Reese Earrings, Bracelets, Discount Code #PiNKstarBoutique #FeaturedDesigner

If you didn't know already... I'm a PROUD online boutique owner! I plan on keeping you up-to-date with the latest sales events, new products, discount codes (for my readers only) and other special happenings at PiNKstar Boutique...

I just added this pair of gorgeous earrings created by a Los Angeles based designer of Tat2 Designs.

Reese Earrings

 The Reese earrings are constructed of ancient Greek coins and hammered gold links with clear Swarovski crystals. These earrings will take you from the board room at 4 to cocktails with the girls at 7. Sterling posts w/ 24K gold vermeil backs. 2"

more additions to PiNKstar Boutique from Tat2Designs...

Adrienne Bracelets

Available in Orange, Raspberry and White.

Andreana & Andrea Necklace

 Visit PiNKstar Boutique now and one special reader can claim the code below for 10% off!
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life #GuestPost

A brand new year presents many opportunities to help our children with the challenges that come their way. One of the things we may not think about is the importance of continually growing and making changes in our lives as individuals. Our children learn by watching us. In fact, most children talk about their own New Year's resolutions by watching and listening to their parents as they discuss their personal resolutions. Mentoring for our children that change is difficult, but not insurmountable, is best done with actions, not words. Reminding your children that self-talk such as, "can't" or "it's too difficult," can be overcome by saying new and stronger self-talk such as, "I can do this" and "I will make these changes."
If you are trying to make changes, no matter what area they are in, the first work you have to do is clear your mind of the "I cant's."  To help you get rid of the old thoughts that keep you stuck in the rut of can't, try these tips.
  1. No matter what your goal or change is, if you pay attention closely, you will notice there are other areas that you sabotage as well. For example, if you eat to find comfort, you may also notice you have a lot of drama in your life that needs emotional comforting. Before you can stop the drama in your life, you will need to understand prior to eating what you are feeling. Ask yourself what the feeling of pain is that you are trying to fill. You may find past feelings of loneliness, abandonment or neglect.
  2. Slow down. Moving too fast with our thoughts and expectations causes us to fall off track. This happens in dating, in teaching our children, and in expecting our partner to change after years of marriage. Going slowly gives us the advantage of understanding why we sabotage our plans so we can fix them as they occur. If you are planning on losing weight, removing toxic friends from your life or improving your marriage, allow at least six months to see improvements. Slowing down also helps us use more of our brain capacity.
  3. Forgive yourself and others for your past excuses, mistakes and selfishness. Your brain is so much more useful when you live in the now. Most of the negative patterns people continually fall into are due to their inability to live in the now and make the necessary changes at this time and this moment.
Old patterns are difficult to break, and no matter what negative pattern you are trying to extinguish, you will fall off track once in a while. This is to be expected, and rather than going back and shaming yourself, try to catch yourself and ask yourself what good this food, relationship, or whatever old pattern you are trying to break free from will do for you. Rather than indulging in the old pattern, try breathing through the moment or distract yourself with exercise, calling a friend, or getting away from the situation you are in. Being proactive at times of weakness helps you accomplish your goal leading to increased confidence that you are breaking free of your old rut.
When you change your thoughts, you change your life, your children's lives, and the lives of every person who you connect with.

Mary Jo Rapini, MEd, LPC, is a licensed psychotherapist and co-author with Janine J. Sherman, of Start Talking: A Girl's Guide for You and Your Mom About Health, Sex or Whatever. Read more about the book at www.StartTalkingBook.com and more about Rapini at www.maryjorapini.com.