Thursday, April 29, 2010

WAGS Trip 4/29: stayfree, Plackers, Skintimate & more!

(Not pictured: Hot Tamales Gum & Pelo Spanish Candy)
After last weeks test run I had two $2.50 Kotex RR's remaining so I decided to take advantage of all the good freebies this week. I knew I should have made a trip earlier in the week, but with this rainy weather in Northern California I decided to wait it out... when I got to WAGS I noticed my favorite cashier working. She directed me towards the Tone Bodywash (only TWO left) and I snatched up one. I couldn't find the Clio Trimmers anywhere and she informed me that they were out! Bummer. I was happy to see quite a few Plackers left, and a few Skintimate's too. So here's what I bought...

Transaction #1
Buy (1) Skintimate Shaving Cream $2.99
(1) Plackers MicroMint Flossers $2.00
(1) Stayfree Maxi 16ct $2.99
- use $1/coupon on Stayfree
TOTAL: $6.98 (+$0.67 TAX)
PAY w/ (2) $2.50RR Kotex
OOP $2.65
+ GET $8RR ($2-Plackers, $3-Stayfree, $3-Skintimate)
BONUS! The Catalina machine spit out a $2/coupon off any Reach Access Flosser.

Transaction #2
Buy (1) Broadway Nails Nail Art $1.99
- use $2.00/coupon on Broadway Nails
(2) Huggies Baby Wipes 64ct 2/$5
- use (1) $0.75/coupon on Huggies Baby Wipes
(1) Tone Body Wash $3.99
- use $1/coupon on Tone Body Wash
(1) Chewy Sweet Tarts $0.39
(1) Pelo (Spanish) Candy $0.59
(1) Hot Tamales Gum $0.49 (Found in CLEARANCE)
TOTAL: $8.70 (+$0.92 TAX)
PAY w/ $2RR Plackers, $3RR Skintimate, $3RR Stayfree
OOP $1.62
+ GET $3RR Tone Body Wash

Let's DO the math...
TOTAL OOP: $4.27 for $20.43 WORTH OF PRODUCTS!!!

RR Left: $3.00RR (Tone Body Wash)

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