Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mail Call 4/29/10 a TON of coupons & Atkins Quick-Start Guide

I was gleaming when I picked up a small stack of envelopes containing coupons I had requested from various Bricks printables. If you click the "Help" link on the bottom right hand corner, some of them will have a pop-up screen where you can enter your mailing address and they'll send you one! A great way to save on ink or if your having trouble printing. Not all printables have the mailing option though... but there are quite a few that do! =)

I also received a small package containing the Atkins Quick-Start Guide which included the Quick Start Guide, Pocket Carb Counter Book, $0.50/coupon off any 5-Pack Atkins Bars or 4-Pack Shakes and three FREE Atkins Bars (Advantage, Day Break & Endulge). I have to say ENDULGE is my favorite & it was the first one I tried. I'll definitely be purchasing some of these bars!! According to the Atkins diet you can lose up to 15lbs in two weeks with these yummy bars so I'm going to check it out.

What did you get in the mail today? Everyday is like a Holiday!!

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