Saturday, September 11, 2010

Little Kids Inc. Review

With this heatwave in Northern California its no where near time to put the bubbles and toys away... It feels like summer has just begun and its the perfect time to reward that special little one in your life with a few awesome toys that will supply them with hours and hours of fun! Little Kids Inc. sent me the No-Spill Mini Bubble Bucket, one No-Spill Bubble Tumbler Mini and the Junk Ball Major League Baseball Players Association Bat & Ball Set.

Parents -- you know just how messy bubbles can be, especially spills! The Mini Bubble Bucket is perfect for up to three children to use and is completely mess free. No more sticky hands or wasted bubble solution. This little bucket literally provided hours of fun for my 6-year old, her 4-year old friend and I even joined in too. You won't believe just how much bubble solution is actually saved. It's a drastic difference when the bubbles don't end up in a puddle on the ground, lol.

The No-Spill Bubble Tumbler Mini is just the same as the Mini Bubble Bucket but for one child to use. It's perfect for on the go also. This past weekend my 6-year old carried this with her for two whole days. I love not having to worry about a messy spill ever! The last item we tried out is the Junk Ball Set -- as much of a Princess my little girl is she had a blast with this. She enjoyed decorating the bat with the stickers and it turned out she even liked playing baseball. You don't have to worry about anyone getting hurt by a swinging bat or flying ball because these plastic toys are virtually ouchless. All three toys can be enjoyed by both little girls and boys. Best of all they are all affordable too! Stop by to view more of their awesome and affordable toys.

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