Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Extreme Bubbles "Dip Stix" Grab & Go Big Bubble Kit Review

Priced at UNDER $15 Extreme Bubbles "Dip Stix" Grab & Go Big Bubble Kit are a must-have for kids of all ages. I thought my 6-year old would have a bit of trouble getting the hang of it -- but she caught on really quick, lol, quicker then me! If you've thought you seen big bubbles... you haven't seen anything until you try out the Dip Stix. My little one and I enjoyed hours of fun with this kit, allowing us to create GIANT SIZED bubbles easily. It comes packaged in a slim box and contains everything you need to start making big bubbles; collapsible bubble wand, concentrated big bubble solution, and a built-in container to hold all of the big bubble solution.

My favorite thing about this kit is that there's an instructional Dip Stix "Tricks" video available on their website where you can learn how to do amazing tricks with these big bubbles. My daughter and I watched the video, picked out our favorite trick -- hers is the Bubbles in a Bubble and mine the Snap Down. Oh yeah, the tubes look awesome too! Check out the Tricks video below...

Extreme Bubbles definitely encourages both children and adults to "Get outside and play." I felt like the biggest kid on the block, lol. These bubbles are sure to attrack groups of children too! They all had a ton of fun trying to pop these huge bubbles with their heads. One thing I would say is stock up on big bubble solution because once your out there will be a crowd of mini frowns.

Stop by to read more about the Dip Stix Grab & Go Big Bubble Kit -- it's even been featured on NBC's Today Show!

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