Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

Every day I think of what I'm thankful for...  not just on Thursdays but every day that I'm blessed to wake. The greatest things in life that I am thankful for are my children. As a mother words are never enough when expressing the deep passion and love we have for our children. I've always thought of mine as little miracles of joy. They are born into this world full of pure love, innocence, and put 100% of their trust in us as their parents.

As we strive daily to teach our children what we think is best - - they teach us valuable life lessons. My children have taught me patience, selflessness, and to just have fun and let go! I can definitely say that the majority of my happiness comes from my kids. What in life are you thankful for? Share your thoughts of me and leave a comment below...

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