Thursday, June 23, 2011 Jagger Earrings & XO Rings Review

Can you imagine not having to run store to store looking for a piece of jewelry you just adore? What if each and every month a selection of gorgeous pieces of jewelry tailored to your liking were there for you to pick and choose from? Does this jewelry heaven for shopaholics really exist? YES! It's called One website, one price & many uniquely designed jewelry pieces at your finger tips... brought to you by celebrity stylist/designer, Cher Coulter and Kate Bosworth. You can bet I jumped for joy at the chance to find out just really what Jewelmint is all about. For $29.99 you can choose your favorite jewelry piece and it's shipped right to you for FREE! Jewelmint is nothing like those shopping clubs that require you to make a purchase. You can choose to skip a month if you'd like with no penalties.

I received two gorgeous items to review, the XO Rings and Jagger Earrings, which arrived in a cute mint-green box with a bow (even the bow has Jewelmint printed on it). Honestly, I was surprised at how secure, safe, and beautifully packed the earrings & ring set was when it arrived. Once opening the magnetically closed box and removing the foam insert that safely packed my jewelry in... waaaaalah!

 A chunky pair of rock-styled earrings and three rings sat perfectly there.

I thought I was in love when I viewed the XO Ring set on but when I slipped them on my fingers I fell head over heels for them even more. I chose to layer my rings on one finger for a bold look and received so many compliments for the rings, which looked like one large piece all together. There are so many ways to wear these jewelry pieces and Jewelmint even provides you with style tips on their site also.
Jewelmint recommends "dark skinny jeans and a slinky top" with the Jagger Earrings and I would absolutely agree too. Lol, that's exactly what I ended up wearing along with a pair of 5-inch booties. Not only are there style tips to go along with your jewelry selection but also weekly trend reports and behind the scene videos (which is one of my favorite features on Jewelmint). Check out the behind the scene video for the Jagger Earrings. Who doesn't like seeing a product in action with the people behind its creation?

=D I know I DO!

Visit to take the style quiz and view your personalized jewelry selections for free, yes, FREE! Don't forget that each and every item is priced at $29.99 so you never have to worry about breaking the bank... who says Mommy can't wear fabulous jewelry pieces at affordable prices that's personally selected for you by a celebrity stylist? =D
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