Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WOW... I'm late!

It's been a little under a year since this article "Johnson & Johnson and Wal-Mart Sued for Selling Toxic Baby Shampoo" was posted and I'm just reading it now. My little Prince has very sensitive skin since birth so I've always leaned towards using Aveeno Baby Wash and Shampoo. BUT I do have a bottle or two of J&J Shampoo in my cabinets. I'm sure we've all received those J&J gift bags full of baby products during pregnancy. I received quite a few and I'm glad I never got around to using them! As mother we all want to protect our little ones and give them the best possible care we can -- so I'm on a mission to find the best natural products out there for children. Leave a comment or tweet me with any recommendations... I'd love to hear what other mothers are using for their children.

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