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Bliss Best of Skintentions SPF 15 Daily Moisturizer Review

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I've literally been on a mission for a number of years to find the perfect moisturizer for my face, with just the right amount of SPF, that's totally NON-OILY and light-as-a-feather. Does one even exist? In my mission to find this rare breed of moisturizers, lol, I decided to try out Bliss Best of Skintentions SPF 15 Daily Moisturizer. It's description reads "This mineral and omega-rich multi-vitamin for your face hydrates, illuminates and protects against UVA and UVB rays." packaged in a 1.7oz bottle for $35 a pop! First I loved the fact that it contains healthy minerals and vitamins -- who doesn't want to feed their skin some goodies? It's said to "promote and protect skin's healthy appearance, delivers essential vitamins, minerals and omegas, and illuminates skin with phytonutrients."

(What are Phytonutrients? Read all about it!)

I applied Bliss Best of Skintentions SPF 15 Daily Moisturizer in the morning to my freshly washed face. While smoothing on this the moisturizer in circular motions -- I instantly noticed how greasy and shiny my skin felt and looked. I did not like this feeling at all. I figured that it might "soak in" after some time so I just left it be. Four hours later I did a quick mirror check and rub test -- my skin was still oily as can be and shiny. Typically, when a moisturizer makes my skin feel such a way, I can't stand it and will immediately wash it off. I decided to stick this one out and really give this moisturizer a good try. By the evening I couldn't wait to wash it off. I decided to try it out for a second day following the same steps as day one. Again, this moisturizer felt oily, looked shiny, and it definitely felt heavy. Overall this one just isn't for my skin type... have you come across that perfect moisturizer for your face? Leave a comment and let me know the details.

For more information on Bliss products visit BlissWorld.

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