Thursday, May 29, 2008

Gift Card Galore, Daily Entry, Teens OK!

I absolutely LOVE the contests that are held on Classic Heartland. Daily entry and teens may enter, age 13+. So mamas, enter away, and then encourage your kids to enter. They can have a chance to win an XBOX 360, Toy's R Us Gift Card, and many more prizes -- hint, hint, that would make a great Father's Day gift or a surprise for you mama! ;-)

Genius iTempo iPod CD Audio System (expires 6/11/08)

Garmin GPS 60 (expires 6/11/08)

$100 Gift Card (expires 6/11/08)

$100 Toys R Us Gift Card (expires 6/10/08)

$50 Blockbuster Gift Card (expires 6/10/08)

$50 Borders Gift Card (expires 6/10/08)

$100 Joe's Crab Shack Gift Card (expires 6/09/08)

$100 Target Gift Card Sweepstakes (expires 6/09/08)

$100 Gift Certificate (expires 6/09/08)

$50 Olive Garden Gift Card (expires 6/08/08)

$50 Red Robin Gift Card (expires 6/08/08)

$50 Red Lobster Gift Card (expires 6/08/08)

160 GB Apple iPod Classic (expires 6/05/08)

Western Digital 2 TeraByte Remote Access Data Storage System (expires 6/05/08)

Wireless Digital Photo Frame (expires 6/05/08)

$50 iTunes Gift Card (expires 6/03/08)

$50 Cheesecake Factory Gift Card (expires 6/03/08)

$100 Cracker Barrel Old Country Store and Restaurant Gift Card (expires 6/03/08)

$250 Circuit City Gift Card (expires 6/02/08)

$100 Lowe's Gift Card (expires 6/02/08)

$100 Sears Gift Card (expires 6/02/08)

Xbox 360 Elite Console (expires 5/30/08)

Panasonic Blu-Ray Disc Player (expires 5/30/08)

Sirius Stilleto 2 Portable Satellite Radio Receiver & MP3 Player (expires 5/30/08)

MAKE MONEY: Let Your Phone Do All The Work!

I just had to chime in for once and promote a really great service. Think of all the times we fill out these sweepstakes, and unknowingly get a ton of unexpected calls, right? Just think about getting paid for all those pesky callers. BRRING! is the solution. They provide you with a free virtual number that forwards to any number you choose, that can be your cell, your office, whatever!

The way you earn money with each call is BRRING plays a really short 10-second ad before they connect the call. That ad earns you $1 for each call! It's as simple as that. Now you don't have to hesitate to give out your "new" number when filling out sweepstakes entries. A great feature they have are custom ringback tones too. Why pay when you can GET PAID for each call made to you and have your own custom ringback tone for free! Most cell companies charge you and extra fee just to have your own ringback tone. With BRRING, simply upload your song and your done.

Finally... the best part is, this service is completely FREE! So go and sign-up now:

Brring! Get Calls, Get Cash!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Getting married? GO GREEN!

I've been taking some time off blogging to do a bit of research on the current global warming conditions and of course, being a shop-a-holic -- going green is about shopping green!

To my amazement I was reading over an email when I saw an ad about 'GREEN' wedding rings, lol. I was instantly interested and just had to see what this is all about. After visiting the site and looking over a few pictures I was amazed by these beauties. They are made of recycled titanium with 24k gold and created stones. Just take a peek for yourself... Thinking of getting married? Don't resist -- GO GREEN!

The best part of all, the company that creates these environment friendly wedding rings, have a unique Registry program. Couples simply sign-up for a registry on, invite family and friends to recycle old jewelry and the jewelry provided by them will be used to re-create your one of a kind wedding piece. For that special day it's only right to help the environment, recycle, and be rewarded with a beautiful wedding piece.