Thursday, May 5, 2011

EdenFantasys... MY FAV candle shop? YES!

His & Hers Quickie Candles
Typically, you wouldn't think of shopping at an online adult store for candles, right? WRONG! Times have surely changed in a very good way. EdenFantasys has a wide selection of candles with multiple uses. ;) I was really surprised to see a nice variety of over 18+ different types of candles in stock right now! My all time favorite type of candle is definitely soy candles. It was way to easy to find a few soy candles that I might like and I really love how there are even detailed reviews on the candles they carry. There's no guessing game when shopping on EdenFantasys -- you know what your getting and can shop with confidence!

One candle I'd really love to try out is the Illume Pearls candle in Freshwater Pearls scent. This scent is described as  "Freshwater, a fresh, clean combination of peach, hibiscus, orchid and vanilla." This candle is 9.7 ounces with up to 80 hours in burn time! There are 16 reviews on this baby and it has a 5-star rating.

Bwarm in Amber Amore is another candle I'd love to get my hands on... what's special about this one is that it can me used for massages too. The uniquely shaped holder allows you to pour out the warm wax easily into your hands. This candle has a burn time of 10 hours and is 1.75 ounces. If your a candle lover like myself --then there's no reason why you shouldn't head on over to EdenFantasys and check out their selection of candles available. Try using the product comparison feature to find which candle would be best for you!

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