Saturday, May 28, 2011

EdenFantasys does it again... I'm SO excited!

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What has EdenFantasys got me soooooo excited about? Well, if you subscribe to the Eden Newsletter then you might have an idea... Starting today until June 2nd, 2011 they have a Memorial Day Sale! There's a special code in today's newsletter that will give you 20% off  Eden's Entire Collection!! =D

I was super excited to put my gift codes to use... I've been saving them up to order this gorgeous lockable Devine playchest in Midnight Black. Originally, I really wanted the Black color because it's so cute and lined in baby pink -- to bad it's sold out, but that's even more reason for me to purchase another, lol. The Midnight Black color pictured below will work perfectly for now.

I plan to use this playchest as a makeup case to lockup all my favorite beauty products. Every so often I wander into the bathroom to discover that my favorite eyeshadow or palette has been emptied or scraped out completely. This will be the perfect solution to keep my goodies safe. With the Memorial Day Sale I was able to spend just $83.99 in gift codes for the playchest and a free toy was added -- savings totaled to $31.59. Best of all shipping was FREE and I'll have my order by Friday. Now is definitely the time to go ahead and purchase the most wanted item on your wishlist... ;D

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